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This month, our European feature destination focuses on Mallorca, Spain

Health tourism is becoming the largest market segment with a high growth trend in the tourism industry in Mallorca, Spain, the capital city Mallorca in the Balearic Islands. An increasing number of West African nationals are leaving their countries in search of high-quality, safe, modern and affordable health options that are currently unavailable where they live and work.  An increasing number of destinations continue to launch their health tourism offerings and recent studies indicate that 83% of health tourists travel with companions. 90% add incidental additional activities during their stay and that the average expenditure of a medical tourist is a multiple of 6 to 10x that of the average tourist.  It isn't any wonder that many destinations are scrambling to attract these travelers and encouraging them to attend to health matters while on a vacation instead of enduring long waits closer to home.
Mercury Health Travel's facilities inspection team (FIT) recently concluded successful inspections of three private hospitals.  All three hospitals afford patients high-quality, patient centered care in settings that incorporate sunny Spain's brilliant abundance of natural light, very sleek contemporary architecture and minimalist design. Care is delivered in quiet, well-designed spaces that incorporate building materials that help maintain cleanliness, reduce noise, dust and germs, and offer comfortable treatment spaces with high-quality linens, wi-fi internent access throughout the hospitals, well-prepared meals, and nursing care at international staffing levels. 
All three hospitals utilize electronic patient records which affords the patient integrated health delivery where all doctors, nurses, therapists and technicians have access to one central patient record and digital diagnostic imaging archives that can easily be forwarded electronically at the patient's request to their doctor back home or to a tertiary specialty facility or consulting specialist worldwide, on a moments' notice.
Each of the three hospitals in Palma de Mallorca that have been approved by Mercury Health Travel are licensed by the Spanish National Health System, follow evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) which are a set of "systematically developed recommendations to help doctors and nurses make decisions about the most appropriate healthcare and to select the diagnostic or therapeutic options best suited to tackling a health problem  or a specific condition.  These CPGs are published and approved by the Spanish National Health System and open for transparency and review online by referring physicians. Furthermore, each of the three hospitals has adopted and implemented Quality Management Systems based on the model SEP (Private Healthcare Excellence in Spain). This system meets accepted standards in Europe and the Western world, and more specifically, complies with regulations and standards application to healthcare and health administration business practices as prescribed by the international standards organization ISO 9001:2000.
USP Palmaplanas goes beyond the traditional medical, dental, pediatric and aesthetic medicine offerings of a hospital in its use of the latest technology and well-trained experienced medical specialists, in a warm and friendly environment. The Clinic was originally founded in 1927 and moved to its present location at the new City of Health and Science complex in 2003, and is over 87,0000m2.  The facility is managed by USP Hospitals which assumed the management in 2006 for a 15 year initial term. Patients benefit from the hospital's orientation to wellness and prevention with numerous programs focused on improving and maintaining good health and an executive checkup program available to health travel patients. USP Palmaplanas has 176 private rooms and suites that include luxurious salons that include numerous amenities such as flat-screen televisions, wi-fi internet access, comfortable furniture, privacy, and air-conditioned comfort. Each floor features two nursing stations that monitor patient status and a calm and spacious waiting room. At the City of health and Science, patients and their companion travelers can enjoy large gardens, a cafe and restaurant, a shopping area, a full-service fitness center, auditorium, chapel, and other concierge services. The hospital is located centrally on the island with safe walking areas and easy airport access. The car park accommodates 600 vehicles and taxi service is convenient with a taxi rank at the front door.
Clinica Juaneda hospital offers medical, dental, pediatric and aesthetic beauty services all conveniently located in the center of Palma de Mallorca. The clean, modern facility is brightly lit, boasts modern technology and the well-trained staff is friendly and multilingual. Their main location is supported by several additional locations throughout the Balearic Islands and further supported by telehealth services that connect visitors and residents of the islands to the hospital and emergency services at the click of a mouse or the tap of a smartphone.
Clinica Rotger hospital is owned and operated by the Rotger family who originally founded the hospital in 1944. At its current location opened in 1991, the hospital delivers patient-centered, high-quality services using modern medical technology and diagnostic equipment. Patients are cared for by well-trained, experienced and internationally educated physicians, dentists and nurses. The aesthetic design at Clinica Rotger incorporates murals, photography and sculpture and other artistic and design elements that feature local Spanish artists and craftsmen. Clean, modern and comfortable furniture and accommodations for both patient and companion are available in each room. Suites are also available that feature an adjacent sitting room and lots of natural light sources, that dance on clean, minimalist Spanish tile surfaces.
Before you travel from West Africa
Only 3200 miles from Lagos, Nigeria, the Baleares Islands are quite accessible by connecting through Madrid on Iberia Airlines. Flights depart shortly after midnight from Lagos and arrive in Palma de Mallorca approximately 8 hours later, inclusive of the connection and brief (<2h) layover in Madrid.  Fares are generally in the 123-124,000 range, for roundtrip economy class.  Iberia uses Airbus A319s and A320s to fly the route. The visa applications are submitted at the visa application center in Lagos and will be assessed by The Consulate General of Spain, located in Lagos. All visa applicants, irrespective of nationality, will have to apply in person to a Visa Application Centre (VAC) and have their facial image and fingerprint scans taken.  To travel to Spain, you will have to submit both original and photocopies of your documents while making Spanish Visa application. Originals will be returned back with the passport during the collection of your passport. Visa applications will not be accepted more than 3 months prior to the travel date.  Mercury Health Travel will organize all your travel plans, appointments and sightseeing and coordinate your health tourism arrival and departure, so you can relax.
What to do in Palma de Mallorca
The importance of the tourism sector as an engine for development and growth of the economy of the Balearic Islands is an indisputable fact. Traditionally, efforts have focused on the use of our unique natural and climatic conditions, and now the Balearic Islands are the undisputed leader of the tourism of sun and beach. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is working on other avenues of growth that aim priority, diversification and specialization of the Balearic tourism. One of the main objectives is to create complementary tourism products to offer beaches, which serve as destination promotion strategy and dissemination of local culture, encouraging their development, public-private cooperation, the creation of wealth of the territory and sustainable tourism.  The Government of the Balearic Islands has been a strong proponent of new market segments including health tourism that can attract tourists and target new audiences. They have been organizing forums for all the tourism stakeholders including restaurants, the airport, hospitals and private clinics, taxi drivers, hoteliers, spa managers and others to learn how to care for health travelers who may have special needs.  Now they are ready to start welcoming you to their part of Spain. In addition to attending to your health and wellness concerns, an amazing abundance of activities await your arrival.
Palma de Mallorca is a foodie’s paradise. Balearic cuisine is classically Mediterranean in character, which is fresh, multi-dimensional, and closely related to Catalan cuisine, since it shares many dishes and ingredients with Catalonia and the Valencian community. Traditional Balearic gastronomy incorporates fresh vegetables, cereals and legumes, and is generally lower in fats. A Specialty dishes of the region include ensaimades (a local specialty pastry), seafood and vegetable stews, sobrassada a sausage from the famous black swine of the region, coques, tombet, Maó cheese and delicious locally-produced wines.   Mallorcan sobrassada is made from the meat of black pigs native to Mallorca, bred and fattened on the island. Sobrassada is a raw cured sausage, with a characteristic reddish-orange colour, that is the result of mixing ground lean pork and pork fat with paprika, salt and spices. It is sold in a variety of presentations. It can be stuffed in pig tripe in different shapes and size. It is also sold in tins. Beware, you'll owe a few hours at the fitness center as it is high in calories and cholesterol.
Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands in Spain. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Barcelona and Valencia. The island has two mountain regions, a plains area rich in agriculture and farming, and a variety of caves both above and below sea level that contain underground lakes and are open for tours. Palma is a major city and port on the Island its the capital city of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands.  Cruise ships visit the islands and connection with Madrid and Berlin bring thousands of tourists per day to the modern airport (PMI). Tourism is a major economic contributor  and the Islands welcomed over 10 million tourists in 2011. Taxi drivers are freindly, cabs are clean and modern, and fares are not as high as we've witnessed in other cities in the EU.  The public bus system ConsorciTransportsMallorca (CTM) is also very well-developed and easy to maneuver.
The Plaça d'Espanya is the transport hub of Palma. The Estació Intermodal caters for buses and trains. The two old buildings are home to the tourist information and several cafés sit either side of the two large escalators which lead into the Estació, which is located underneath a large, active public park. On the lawns are several glass boxes, which let in light and ventilation to the station below ground. There are also train-themed play structures for children, each one shaped like a train carriage and named after towns along the line of the Ferrocarril de Sóller, a railway dating back to 1911 which has its Palma Station right next to the park. Just down the street from here a new bus station has been located. The wine train is also a fun excursion for the day. 
If you like to visit museums, you are in for a treat!  You cannot miss the Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation Museum. From 1956 until his death in 1983, Joan Miró lived on the island of Mallorca, where he produced a prolific amount of art. The museum’s collection consists mainly of the numerous works donated by the artist himself from the four workshops he had in Mallorca, and comprises primarily paintings, drawings and graphic works, among other materials. There is also an important collection of documents, and in the gardens you can see some of Miró’s sculptures. The building which houses the Foundation was designed by the Spanish architect Rafael Moneo.
Palma is famous for La Seu, its vast cathedral originally built on a previous mosque. Although construction began in 1229, it did not finish until 1601 and local architect Antoni Gaudí was drafted to help the proejct during a restoration project in 1901. The Parc de la Mar (Park of the Sea) lies just south overlooked by the great building which sits above it on the city's stone foundations. Between these two are the town walls. Here there is a vast blue and yellow canopy strung over a lower area, shading rows of wooden benches.
Football (soccer) is the most important sport on the island, led by the Primera División football league team Real Mallorca with its stadium in Palma. Segunda División B team CD Atlético Baleares also play in Palma at the 18,000 capacity Estadi Balear. Because of its island condition all sea and water sports have also a big presence in Palma. The wharf features beautifl yachts in slips along with sailboats, ocean powerboats and other vessels. Road cycling is very popular in Mallorca, with many enthusiasts from northern European countries coming to enjoy the relatively pleasant weather in winter and spring. Hiking and climbing is abundant along trails on the north side of the island. Tennis and golf are also popular in the Baleares.
The beautiful island of Mallorca is a luxurious wellness oasis where you can enjoy the tranquillity of Mediterranean life, far away from the stress of your daily life in Africa. You can find fresh air, sunshine, and crystal clear waters in refreshing indoor and outdoor pools at every turn.  The Balearic Islands also boast a wide variety of spas and thalassotherapy (health resorts that use sea water) and balneotherapy (mineral waters), in addition to beauty and wellness spas to suit every taste.  These facilities afford visitors a unique way to combine tourism with wellness and relaxation.  Whether you choose thermal baths or any of the beauty treatments, there's no doubt that you will find what you're looking for at one of the Mercury Health Travel approved health resorts and spas in the Balearic Islands. 
To schedule your medical treatments, health resort visits or wellness and preventive health checkup, please call us today.

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